Section 03: Data exploration and visualization

Notes by Guanlan Dong (2022), Artur Rego-Costa (2021), Luis Gutierrez (2020), and Mary Richardson (2019)

Handling data with Pandas and basic plotting

We will first go through the main points in notebook w03-section-notes.ipynb. We will use the datasets from Moriarty (Moriarty_SuppTable1.txt) and Adler (Adler_SuppTable2.txt) from problem set 1, and this example dataset: (section-data.tbl)

Keep this notebook as a quick reference guide in the coming days as you get acquainted with Pandas and basic plotting.

Practice exercises

These exercises DO NOT need to be turned in.

We will go together through some of the practice exercises in notebook w03-section-exercises.ipynb. You should use the section notes as a reference and ask questions to the teaching staff if you get stuck. Here are the solutions to help you with your studies: w03-section-solutions.ipynb.